Friday, September 28, 2012

Nutty Coconut Chocolate bars

Warning!!!!!!! These are REALLY good! I would not eat a lot of them though, as they are high in fat. But it's dark chocolate so it's good for you, and nuts are also good for you... so, just kidding. I would eat a lot of them. Who can resist chocolate?!?

To start melt 2 cups of dark chocolate in a double boiler, we just put a smaller pot into a bigger pot filled with boiling water. If you're careful you can melt straight on the burner on very, very low. Be careful not to scorch it!!! The water method works best so you don't have to worry about burning the precious chocolate!

While the chocolate is melting put parchment paper onto a cookie sheet or baking pan. I use a glass one that my grandma gave me, it works great (also our lasagna pan ;) Sprinkle 1-2 cups of nuts onto the parchment paper, how ever many you like! I also added coconut, and mixed it up. When the chocolate is melted pour it over the nuts and try to cover the lot of them. Set in fridge to cool until the chocolate is hard. You can then take it off the parchment and break into smaller pieces or my hubby used a big knife and sliced it into squares. These are super easy, and taste really good! Would be great as gifts, or for a party, orrrr just eat it all yourself. No one really needs to know you made it, do they? :)

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