Thursday, June 30, 2011

Once upon a time, you were a boring old basket!

When I see things, I don't look at them usually for what they are.. my dear hubby thinks I've gone whacky because *everything* I look at that has some sort of well in it, I see a plant of some sort that should be in it. I can't help it! It's just this thing that happens to me! So, here I will post a couple of items that I have in the garden! It may be crazy of me, but I think that's okay. The strawberries in boots, or the pansies in an old tool box suit me just fine! Gardening is for the imagination, and whatever you see fit usually does the trick! Please take a look, and I hope that you find an idea for yourself. It really is amazing what these little green things will do for us, and all the ask for is a bit of sunshine, a bit of water, and somewhere to lay their "heads", and then we are gifted what they do best! Berries, flowers, fruits and vegetables. How wonderful!! :)

These are the pansies in their wooden toolbox. Because it is shallow it needs to be watered a little more often then the other plants, but totally worth it for the look it has

We started these bunching onions at the beginning of the season, and because we didn't have any starter pots left, I zipped the top of a cranberry juice jug off! It works great!

Next one, we had an old pair of boots kicking around, they were too worn to wear, but not too worn for some strawberry plants ;)

For some reason everyone always has a basket or two kicking around and have no idea what to do with them.. they are either too big, or too small for anything useful, and end up sitting in a closet or corner collecting dust. I've found them to be the perfect thing for herbs. They are bio degradable, so after a few seasons they will most likely be unable to pick up, but you can always put little feet on them so they last longer. When doing the baskets I will put a liner inside of some sort, plastic wrap that I will re use, or that weed netting, just so the dirt doesn't wash out. Then poke a hole somewhere on the bottom so the extra water drains out. Plant any plants you wish! Here I've got some catnip and parsley in these baskets.

The next few pictures are just a couple more ideas. There is an ice cream bucket with a red maple, wash bin full of lilies, a tin bucket with some sort of grass or lily I found in the compost pile, which I will find out what it truly is next spring, and a banana wire basket lined with foil paper from the outside of a pot filled with black clover (full of four leaf lucky clovers YAHOO!!,) and another pink flower that spreads on the ground. If you use your imagination you can grow anything just about anywhere!! Happy gardening!!