Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vanilla sugar with a hint of Lavender

2 cups sugar
3-4 vanilla beans, sliced and cut up

And beans and sugar into a container with a tight lid. Shake each day, the more you shake the more the beans will come loose. I left it for about a month in the container, then just ran it through the grinder to grind the rest of the beans up. Use in coffee, or make into sugar scrub. Add a few pieces of lavender mmm they go well together! Yummy :) putting it through the grinder will make it more powdery like berry sugar. You can also make other scented sugars this way with things like citrus.

Lavender Infused Oil

2-3 cups lavender 
4 cups olive, or almond oil
Pot of hot water

Put bruised lavender flowers in the jar, and pour the oil over it to cover. (may be more or less than above) place the jar in the water in the pot and heat up to hot but not boiling. Let sit in bath for about 6 hours. Turn off heat and let the jar cool. Strain lavender out of the oil with cheese cloth.

You can use this for cooking or skin product!