Saturday, September 1, 2012

Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Pops

It's now September 1, and with that comes berries, berries and more berries! It's still warm enough out that popsicles can be enjoyed, and I have wanted to try something new. Just finished making these, and they taste divine!!

They are super easy as well, and probably cost less than buying them pre made at the store.

First I added water to the popsicle mold to see how much I needed to make (we are missing one of the pokers ;) which was 2 cups.

Sliced strawberries - pureed (made up to 3/4 cup line)
Topped up to the 2 cup line with Vanilla yogurt, mixed it all up and added to the molds.
Freeze for 6-8 hours, until they are frozen through. Rinse the bottoms with hot water to remove easily from the molds once they are done. I'm guessing almost any berries would be good like this, next going to try blueberries!

*We usually get one of the big boxes of Organic Yogurt and it lasts quite a while. It's cheaper that way and can be used for breakfasts and in other treat meals. If you purchase the plain you can use it for dips as well!

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