Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Garbage Soup Stock

Instead of throwing all of the vegetable ends into the garden or compost, I've started to make "garbage veggie soup stock" with them instead. I have a bag in the freezer that we use to fill when we have ends from veggies that all go into a pot when we are running low on stock. It's a lot cheaper! 

Carrot, broccoli, onions tips, green onion ends, garlic pieces, asparagus ends
pepper pieces, etc etc, all of them! Make sure they are clean so you aren't getting
soil in your soup. 

You can add your chicken bones, or beef bones to make either of those stocks. 

With a large pot, add the ends, bones and spices you like. 
Fill with water, bring to boil and then turn onto a low simmer.
I usually make this after a roasted chicken dinner, and then leave on
super low over night, then strain it all in the morning. 

Once cooled a bit pour your stock into containers that can be frozen, we use mason jars now, 
leaving an inch or two from the top, putting the lid on lightly. 
Store in freezer and use as needed. 
Put in fridge night before you need it to thaw out, or rinse jar under water
so it thaws until you can pour it out. 

We've used it in rice, soups, sauces! 

Add some kick by adding a bit of cayenne. 

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