Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fridge pickles

I haven't canned for a while, but am going to re learn again this summer. Until then, I'll keep making fridge pickles! They are easy, and last about a week around here, between the kids and the hubs.. oh, and myself. Pickle addicts!

All you need is:

Pickling spice if you like it
Garlic (if desired)
Jalepenos (if desired)

I slice pickles, fill the jar (added jalepenos to this jar) dill, fill half the jar with vinegar, top off with water! That's it! In 2 days they will be ready to start eating. It's a lot cheaper than having to purchase jars at the store all the time. When the cucumbers get low, just add more. That simple!

You can use white vinegar, balsamic, apple cider, wine, rice or malt. There are so many kinds that you could try! I did a mixture of white, balsamic and malt in this jar. It's not so bitter to us. The jalepenos give it a little kick too, if you like spicy stuff.

Fridge pickles will last about 3 weeks. I have done fridge jalepenos in their own jar before, and they were fine after a couple of months!

Have you made these before? What did you use for ingredients?

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