Thursday, August 11, 2011

When you're hungry and you know it... French Toast

Sometimes the kids can be a little picky. okay,.. actually A LOT of times the kids can be picky. You know those days, and there isn't much in the fridge? This one is easy and doesn't take up a lot of time, and of course, the kids will eat it!

French toast is one of those things that you forget about but when you remember that you have the ingredients, it makes morning a lot more fun, and everyone thinks you've slaved your heart out over this meal! The end result is the best result. Usually with full belly's, smiles, and maybe even a hug from the one who doesn't do that anymore due to age ;) 

All you need:
Bread either fresh or frozen (we don't eat a lot of bread but we always have some in the freezer. We go with a whole grain/12 grain, or something high in fiber)
Sugar or Syrup 
Fruit (fresh or frozen)
Whip cream or frozen yogurt (In this recipe I used frozen french vanilla yogurt, with frozen berries and mango that I warmed up on the stove while I was preparing the other stuff)

Directions: So simple!!!
Put a non stick pan onto medium low to warm up. You can butter or oil your pan lightly if your eggs stick to the pan.
Crack eggs into a bowl, and whip/scramble. Add cinnamon while whipping with a fork.
Place bread in egg mix and coat both sides of the bread. Place your coated bread into the pan and cook until the egg mixture has cooked thoroughly on either side. You can put the french toast in the oven on low if you are cooking a whole bunch of pieces for a large group! 
Once you have finished with the toast, place on your plates, add your whip cream or frozen yogurt, and top with berries or syrup! You can also sprinkle powdered sugar on top. It looks beautiful with blueberry/raspberry mix. 
I usually cook for 3-4 people so it takes about 15 minutes for everything to be finished. Usually by the time I've cleared stuff off the counters the kids have finished their meals, and that is when you can snag your hugs!!! 

This recipe is an easy one, and you can get the kids to help. They love to help in the kitchen, and this way they learn, and maybe one day you will get a surprise breakfast made for you ;) Happy eating, and enjoy! 

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