Monday, May 16, 2011

Need Lattice?!

Being a poor chick, I often think and think of ways I can save money. What can I use, re-use, recycle!? We were in need of lattice for our peas! After going for a lovely walk on the beach, dear husband and I realized HEY! Driftwood!!! We walked along the beach, and found the perfect pieces for us, for the size we needed. We have a pea garden which is approximately 1.5'x3' long. I dug out a patch close to the house to block from the wind, as we are close to the ocean so it can get severely windy at our place, even when it isn't windy anywhere else in the city!! After thinking about how and what to do, we came up with this

I had thought of putting up the black netting against the stairs, but after sitting outside for tea in the mornings, as spring began to "sprung" I noticed the amount of birds that flew under the stairs constantly! That would be the worst thing to wake up to, if one of them had gotten stuck! 

This was an easy project, and took about one hour to complete, aside from our walk on the beach. 
Materials: Driftwood, and screws. 
Tools: a marker for marking dots, a drill, and a screwdriver. 

Fun project for the kids to help with! 

Please check your local area as there may be specific rules for taking/not taking items off the beach. 

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