Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello! Just a quick note to say I will be posting more stuff soon! It's been very busy around here as DH is in the Navy so hasn't been home but we are looking forward to his quick return in the next couple of weeks! It seems that we get more stuff accomplished when he is home, I'm guessing because there is more time for other things when there are two doing the household stuff! I had a small issue (technical ha ha, accidentally wiped out all of my photos which was a pain! The blog stuff, and another photography blog. Such a shame!) Anyway, will be back to work on things and be a posting maniac for a bit ;) There are some cute winter ideas, and some ones to get ready for spring, mostly gardening for now, but also have a few jewelry ideas! Hope everyone is having a fabulous autumn and have a happy holiday season! Cheers!

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